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TPG Marine Enterprises offers specialized operations, services and products to support the inland waterways.

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TPG Marine Software: Harbor Management System

Created and improved by harbor management professionals to develop and provide the most efficient, intuitive, and cost effective software programs for the profitable administration of barge terminals, fleeting operations, stevedoring companies, port authorities and related transportation companies and bulk materials providers serviced on the U.S. Waterways, our Harbor Management System provides:

  • Barge Ex™ Compatibility
  • Customization to individual needs
  • Ease of learning and use
  • Real time data in real time
  • Event-driven billing
  • Reliable tracking, editing, recalling barge fleeting and service history
  • Comprehensive training / support

To watch the short video demonstration, click here.
For a free consultation and live demo, please email Steve Siemers: s.siemers@tpgmsoftware.com or phone him at: O: 317-631-0234 or C: 314-239-0842.

Website: tpgmsoftware.com

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TPG Chicago Dry Dock: Shipyard Services

We’ve been serving the Chicagoland and Lower Lake Michigan markets since 1979. Our talented crews repair lake and river vessels; tugs, tour boats, lake and river barges, and military vessels. We also do custom design/build projects like LCR Floats, on-vessel storage and redecking.
Our services include:

  • Several Full-size dry docks
  • Chicagoland’s most experienced repair crews
  • ABS certified welder-fabricators
  • Mobile crews available to your site
  • Barge cleaning and washing

What sets us apart:

  • Unencumbered access to Lake Michigan AND the Inland Rivers
  • 1200 feet of sheeted wall on the Calumet River
  • Seven acres of land on the Calumet River
  • Full machine and fabrication shop

For more information please email Mike Hogan: M.Hogan@tpgcdd.com or phone O: 773-721-3100 C: 815-693-6629.

Website: tpgcdd.com

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TPG Marine Global Logistics

This logical expansion of our transmodal concept, takes us to a broader customer base and expands our geographical influence from regional to national to international. Our strong relationships with ports, various barging operations, rail lines and trucking companies throughout the country and the world allow us to implement the full complement of transportation modalities to successfully and economically move cargo in the rapidly expanding logistics sector.

For additional information please contact Steve Siemers via email: s.siemers@mvbarge.com, or phone: 314-239-0842.

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TPG Watermark

We believe in the dramatic importance of the Inland Waterways System. We have high regard for those companies, large and small, that work and grow along its banks: manufacturing, shipping, warehousing, and providing support and supplies for the good work done there. We understand the importance of the IWS in the larger context of American commercial responsibility, profitability, and success.

As the marketing arm of the Transmodal Performance Group of companies, our goal is to ensure exposure for those ideas and organizations that grow the IWS and our nation’s awareness of it. We offer promotional support to companies just like all those in our own corporate portfolio: barge terminals, harbor services, manufacturers, stevedoring operations, port authorities, transportation companies, grain and fuel co-ops and all their kin which help to make the IWS hum.

As far as success on the Inland Waterways System is concerned, we believe a rising tide lifts all barges. Effective marketing and public relations get your name in front of the customers and investors necessary to help you grow – the right way.

To see how we might engineer a more profitable impact for your business, please email Edward Robinson: erobinson@tpgmarine.com, or phone him at 317-631-0234.

TPG Marine Investment Strategies

We provide advisory services for very selective start-ups, management buy-outs, and mergers and acquisitions of non-public entities within a 500-mile radius of Indianapolis, Indiana.

In an effort to build long term client relationships and ensure the success of your venture, we will help: evaluate the opportunity; prepare a business plan; find appropriate financing; draft letter of intent; manage transaction due diligence; oversee transaction after closing; advise management thereafter; provide comprehensive marketing services from business plan development to after-closing promotion.

We provide senior leadership and attention, offering a breadth of experience and industry expertise. Fee can be success driven and paid in cash and/or equity. Clients may use their own bank, investment banker, accountant, and/or attorney or we will refer.

To discuss your plans and projects, please contact Daniel B. Altman at 317-631-0234.

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