Miller Attends Summit

From The Waterways Journal Weekly

December 14, 2015


Presidential Candidate Attends ‘Coal Summit’

By David Murray


Don Miller, president of TPG Marine Enterprises and Green River Barge Service, recently attended a “Coal Summit” in Sturgis, Ky. [November 24, 2015], featuring Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and about 150 attendees who worked for mines or coal companies.

Miller was the only barge company representative present. He told The Waterways Journal that coal makes up about 35 percent of his business, and that TPG handled about 18 million tons this year. Miller said the forum of the meeting was an open panel discussion on what could be done to halt coal’s slide.

He said Paul, a longtime coal industry champion, urged attendees to “fight” the Environmental Protection Agency, even to the point of filing lawsuits.

Coal companies have been in crisis, hammered by both by abundant natural gas that is cleaner than coal, and by the administration’s policies designed to shut down older plants. There is talk in the financial press of widespread bankruptcies looming in the industry.

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