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Emergency Employee Bonus Program

The Employee Emergency Bonus (“EEB”) Program is designed to provide limited financial assistance to eligible employees who are experiencing economic hardship due to certain emergency situations. Situations should be acute, short term or temporary in nature, and not perceived as chronic. Employees may be referred to an appropriate source (e.g., community agency or consumer credit counseling service) if their situation does not fall under the EEB Program.

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EEB Details and Guidelines

EEB may cover a variety of unexpected and acute circumstances that place an employee in financial hardship with no other reasonable alternative.

Download the EEB Details and Guidelines

Financial Literacy Questionnaire

Please note that Transmodal Performance Group (“TPG”) disclaims all liability for any type of loss or hardship due to the following of this advice. TPG does not endorse any type of financial service or instrument. The following information is only to be used for an educational purpose and to give you a foundation. Only you or you and a financial planner should make decisions about your money.

Download the Financial Literacy Questionnaire

EEB Application

We ask that you keep your submission confidential as well as the outcome with the exception of your accountant and/or attorney. TPG will only inform necessary individuals of your request and/or outcome. Please note that any bonus received under this program is taxable and at the sole discretion of TPG.

Download the EEB Application

Please provide as much detail as possible regarding your emergency situation. Certain circumstances may require additional supporting documentation.

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