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Current Maritime Projects Underway at TPG Marine Enterprises

Mt. Vernon Barge New Road 2

New Service Road (Mt. Vernon Barge Service)

After several months of waiting for final approval from POI-Mt. Vernon we have successfully completed the asphalt paving of the service road that runs along the railroad tracks between the Pier 2 & 3 access to the Port and our Offices at Mt. Vernon Barge Service.  This good work promises less dust and fewer pebble dings to vehicle paint. We’re all pretty excited about it. The paving was done by our friends at T & L Construction. Nice job, T & L.

TPG Safety Initiative

General Safety initiative (all sites)

There are several steps in TPG’s goal of “Getting to Zero” accidents and safety issues. As part of the newest effort to increase awareness of and to encourage employee participation in our Safety Program, Josh Williams has created an internal safety web site.  The front page of the site contains safety, company, or industry news, as well as other safety related articles or links of interest.  The other pages contain copies of our Safety Management System Manual, Employee Handbook, and a page of industry related Links such as River Stages and Local Notice to Mariners.  There is even a simple form that gives the employees a place to anonymously report issues that they find in the workplace. His plan is for this site to become a destination employees will want to visit frequently to get information from management and to open a line of communication with our employees toward the goal of improving safety in the TPG workplace.

Barge Safety Paint

Barge Safety Painting (MVBS Jeffersonville)

We have undertaken a new Barge Safety Painting in the Nugent (slackwater) Harbor with the staff of our very own MVBS Jeffersonville. This is not only in keeping with our company-wide safety emphasis, but offers us a new income stream and opportunity to catch the attention of the industry where safety is a current hot button issue. All this on behalf of our friends at Ingram Barge for whom we will be doing very nearly all of the painting.

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